Saturday, 13 October 2012

Task 03 Further Research

One of the specifications within this task is;

'these boxes will need to both transport, protect and [ideally] provide a secondary use for the packaging after transportation to the purchaser’s home.'

So I decided to look for ANY form of packaging that has a second use or anything that has been made into something new. Basically I found a lot of cool stuff that isn't really related to this task but is too awesome not to share. I WISH I HAD THE CREATIVITY OF THESE PEOPLE.

Packaging that turns into a hanger.

Using the tabs off cans to make this bag. It may not be pretty but it's impressive.

Made from toilet roll tubes.

The above four images show an excellent use of plastic spoons. I need to try this necklace!!

This is just cute.

This is basically what the home section in Urban Outfitters looks like. Love the lamp and LOVE the trolley!

 When packaging IS the product.

I would absolutley love this
chair. I like 'hermitting' myself off to do work. Perfect.

Mind. Blown. I would love to know if this actually works.

Light bulb vase.

Simple lampshade which creates crazy shadows on the wall.

I've gone and saved the best till last, you ready for your mind to be blown?!

I'm not going to explain it because I'm still amazed. Just make sure YOU CLICK THIS.

(all images from BoredPanda)

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