Saturday, 13 October 2012

Task 03 Research

Think that the packaging of products you buy aren't that important? Packaging has a significant amount of influence over what you buy and why you buy them. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all tend to 'judge a book by its cover'. The packaging of a product is the first thing you see, which is why it's important that it tells you about the product, what it's for, why you need it and what values the company has. Businesses that do not invest in eco friendly materials may find that they are losing profit as society becomes increasingly aware of the importance of eco friend products.
So, what makes packaging eco friendly?
*Recycled materials
*Sustainable materials  (cotton, bamboo, etc.)
*Biodegradable material (unbleached paper)
*Reusable materials (such as glass bottles)

The most eco-unfriendly aspect of most packaging is how much material they use with product packaging for small items is usually 5+ times larger than it needs to be!

Task 3 stated that I must; design a theoretical prototype multiuse shoe/boot/trainer box that uses recycled or reuseable materials only.

Obviously, research into this area needed to be completed in order for me to get inspiration . Here are what I found to be the most successful. Top 5 (no order).

  1) Newton's eco-friendly packaging is my from 100% post consumer recycled material. The shape of the carton is moulded closely to the shape of the shoe, consequently there is no need for tissue paper. Instead of stuffing paper inside of the shoe, in order for them to retain their shape, Newton includes a pair of socks and a reuseable shoe bag! Clever Newton.

 2) Puma have done a lovely job on cutting down the amount of paper they have used in product packaging. They have saved 8,500 tons of paper and the use of water and electricity used for production and transportation has been reduced by 60%. They've eneough took a risk in that it will cost more to begin with, but hopefully it will pan out and eventually lead to profit. Instead of my rambling, check this out...


3) PureProject produced tear-shaped bamboo tubes in which one pair of shoes fits snuggly inside. Although they're not that environmentally friendly to produce, at least the tube can be re-used. There is an illustrated instructions booklet at the top of the tube informing the consumer on how the tube can be reused. It is a unique way to explain how consumers can make use of every last bit of their purchase.

4) Catherine Meuter. Okay, this isn't technically packaging but with shoes this small the packaging is bound to be small.I am a little bit in love with these shoes. After finding them I went on a one woman mission to see if you could buy them. You can't...apparently these are just visions of what could be. The consumer experiences the transformation of the shoe from it's intial flat state into a comfortable and wearable shoe. The shoe is reinforced by the folded parts. I will consider using origami in my design as it will make the box/container stronger.

5) Timberland earthkeepers come in a 100% recycled material shoebox with a biodegradable handle that includes a latch system preventing the shoes from falling out. Not only is it produced from recycled products but it emphasises the importance of reusing the box and not throwing it away. It can be flattened, stored and reused. It was also designed by a student!

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