Friday, 5 October 2012

Rantings and 'The Age of Stupid.'

Okay, so when you actually sit down and realise what module you have chosen and you're immediately split into two. NOT ideal.

The awkward side of you is screaming 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' whilst the academic side is screaming the opposite. Why? Well because I've practically been brought up as a tree hugger. My family could quite literally live as Native Americans except we'd probably find it difficult to even kill a buffalo...This even goes back to my young childhood when my dad built a tree house without putting a single nail in the tree because 'every living thing gives off energy' yes, I did just post that in a blog. Sigh. If I think back to my Art & Design foundation course I vaguely remember that there was a time when I actually thought, 'You know what? Jib it, I'm going to go with this. If you can't beat them, join them' It even inspired my photography.


So my awkwardness stopped for a short spell...

 My 27yr old brother is some kind of crazy, social, enthusiastic about everything in life whizzkid. By this I mean he seems to have the capabilty to function on NO sleep. He's interested in culture, art and science. How he crams everything into his already jam packed 'travelling the world for a living' life I do not know. The point of this paragraph is not to big him up (probably made you read this blog Adam so take a minute to deflate your ego) but to explain why my awkwardness has been rekindled.

It's very difficult for me to become interested in something that is forced upon me. I like options, I like choice and I like free will. The sentence 'WHY DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR ENVIRONMENT AMANDA?!!' has been thrust upon me by 'Our Ad' several times. As a matter of fact, I do but when every TED talk about the environment is sent to me and this lovely little cat... it gets kind of tedious. (Sidenote; I'm probably still going to ring you before each lecture so you can tell me some more facts)

Anyway, The Age of Stupid is a rather preachy film with Pete Postlethwaite (from Warrington but lived in St. Helens! woop.) which is set in the future. I can kind of understand why it's preachy because people who have no knowledge on climate change would need this. So it's the basic 'WE'RE KILLING THE WORLD' 'CHANGE YOUR WAYS' Once again, it's another plan to motivate people using fear.

The main point I got from the film is; people are hypocritical.

" Of course we care about the environment!!"

Paired with

" We do NOT want a windfarm"

Personally I actually think that they're aesthetically pleasing.  

I've written/ranted so much about this in my journal so I don't see the benefit of repeating myself. I think the way to tackle climate change is not motivation by fear. After all, as a whole, the human race is selfish. The adverts need to feed the 'If I give up               , what do I gain?!' I think that people would care more if they could see the benefits that sustainable energy has for their own generation and not the future generations. The majority of people seem to be reactive and not proactive. Once this mind set has been eradicated only then will we see change.

Basically, to be incredibly cheesey I'm the minority who has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a family who see the bigger picture and want to make a difference. Who thinks that their main purpose in life is to leave a positive mark. Not just in an environmentally friendly way, but to have a positive impact on each person they meet. 

'One person isn't going to make a difference' is a phrase I will never ever hear from my dad, cousin or brother. 

I'll be shocked if my self-actualised dad or brother doesn't start a revolution...I fully expect this...

Maslow's Hierachy of Needs

So for now, I'll try to tackle my stubborness. I'll stop rolling my eyes everytime my brother tells me about his newest project about 'saving the world'. I'll take it on board and let it help me with this module...haha. Besides, without this I wouldn't have written as much as I have. 

Sorry 'Angie Row' I haven't mentioned you and your ozone aerosol research scientist thing. I should really know more about bad...

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