Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Task 02 Sustainable Furniture

This blog post is in relation to Task 02 where a video relating to either;

*Sustainable Architecture
*Vegetable Ink Printing
*Sustainable/multi use packaging
*Sustainable 3D Product Design
*Sustainable Furniture Design

had to be located and the 14 points of the eco-designer manifesto had to be discussed.
(I've written a lot about this topic on pages 8 & 9 of my journal.)

I chose this video

(which scores 9/10 on the cheese factor scale)

The points of the eco-designer manifesto that were discussed were;

1. Design to satisfy real needs as opposed to transient, fashionable or market-driven needs?
  It does so by using the least amount of wood possible.

2. Design to minimise the ecological footprint of the product/material/service product, i.e.
reduce resource consumption, including energy and water.

The wood used is dried using solar panels. The designs are simple so that less material is used.

6. Design to engender maximum benefits to the intended audience and to educate the client
and the user and thereby create a more equable future.

 Yes "where is YOUR chair from?" technique.

 7. Design to use locally available materials and resources wherever possible (thinking
globally but acting locally).

Yes. This is main reason as to why it is environmentally friendly. Everything is local so that there is less travelling.

12. Design to foster debate and challenge the status quo surrounding existing
products/materials/ service products.

"Why is there a need to travel far to recieve materials?"

14. Design to create more sustainable products/materials/service products for a more
sustainable future.

 "Think sustainably then design" The main concept about these designs is that the consumer learns about the benefits of such techniques. 

Watching other peoples videos enabled me to realise that the video I had chosen was incredibly shoddy. Here are a few that stuck in my head.

WELL I CAN'T FIND THE COCA COLA ONE. But here's some information about it.


The second one doesn't want to embed so CLICK THIS
 The issue I have with this video is that it would cost a LOT to design a house like that. It also looks like the house would be freezing. Still, good effort!

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