Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Task 03 Shoebox Design

After research sustainable shoebox designs I tried to design one myself.

I found myself being the least creative person ever. I kept drawing rectangular shoeboxes that did not have that much sustainabilty.  So I did some more research, but this time I decided that I would design a bag to put the shoes in. This enables the packaging to have alternate use after protecting the shoes. I began to think back about Japanese packaging where rope and straw was used with basic origami techniques. This lead me to...

Recycling bags/magazines by weaving them to create new bags is an environmentally friendly idea. I chose to design for Creeper shoes as they are bulky and they are usually bought by people who like unusual things. Therefore they may be more attracted to unique styles of packaging. The main issue with this technique is that it would be very time consuming so would be difficult to produce in mass bulk. 

Hessian is a woven fabric usually made from skin of the jute plant which is combined with other vegetable fibres. Although the colour may be seen as quite bland I actually think it fits the style of shoe I have designed for.


Recycled bag design (no zips etc)

The bag may contain sencils on the front to attract consumer.

 I decided to draw out a box idea anyway. The initial idea behind this design was that the box can be reused as shelves afterwards. The box would be recycled egg cartons.

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