Monday, 29 October 2012

Main Brief: Lea and Perrins

'Attract a new generation of Lea & Perrins users through educating and exciting them of ways to use L&P in their everyday dishes'


*Create a pack design that is attractive to the 20-35yr old age group
*The pack design needs to inspire people to use the product in their everyday cooking
*The packaging should be made as sustainable as possible and adhere to the Heinz Corporate social responsibilty guidelines


*Retain the pproud branding (Orange & Black)
*Retain the iconic bottle design
*Keep the original and genuine feel ofthe product


*The pack should stand out
*Attach elements to the bottle such as recipe cards
*Sustainability themes of refill, recyclability and bio materials should also be considered

 Key points from the Worcestershire sauce history:

*First sold in 1837
*Produced in attempt to recreate a taste found in India
*Originally tasted horrible, so was put in a cellar and forgotten about. Found months later and tasted. It was found that it tasted a lot better.
*Process and most spices kept 'secret'
*Although it is known that it contains onions, garlic and red chillies

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