Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Royal Parks Half Marathon.

Okay, strictly speaking this is nothing to do with the Green Design course. However, I think it's sort of useful/interesting.

Let me get out this out of the way first;
I finally have an answer to the question

     "What good is it planting 3 more trees when you cut one down? Because it's going to take it 50-100 years to grow back again"

Well apparently because of the types of trees and the fact they are being planted in the rainforest, they only take 15 years to grow back. Who knew eh?

WELL ANYWAY, my boyfriend ran this race at the weekend. As I was waiting at the finish line (where I completely missed him but saw four celebrities) I listened to the announcer explaining how 'Sustainabilty was the top agenda for the race'

Copied directly from the googled website (haha)

  • The winning trophy has been created by master craftsman, Mark Wilkinson, from an Oak Burr found in Richmond Park 
  •  Wood is used for the leaf shaped finisher’s medal that everyone receives - it's your 'piece of the parks'
  •  Approximately 50,000 plastic bottles around the course will be recycled by Marks & Spencer
  •  Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon race shirts are made from bamboo and recycled polyester 
  •  All discarded running clothes along the route are collected and donated to Oxfam
  •  All participants receive Fairtrade bananas to replenish energy levels after the race
  •  Surplus food will be collected and redistributed to those in need by Fare Share


The point being; things are changing.

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