Sunday, 6 January 2013

Main Brief: More Research

So after looking at my 'final' design after a couple of days not looking at it, I decided I hated it and it looked simply awful.

I then went to research even MORE labels (ALLLLLL images from google).

 I looked at the more modern labels as I realised that the 'vintage-ness' of my design were in fact TOO vintage looking. I noticed that these modern vintage labels used several different fonts, a concept I decided to encorporate. I also noticed the wine bottle had a map, consequently I did MORE designs that had an overlay of a map of Broad Street (where it was originally produced).

It suddenly occured to me that I had in fact not researched competors and other sauce bottles. So I did so. The majority of these labels have a black background, which surprisingly works well. However, it looked really tacky within my designs.

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