Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Main Brief: Final Idea

Overall, I found it rather challenging to produce a label that was eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing that fitted the specific brief specifications. However., after a lot of research and development I decided that a vintage look label would be the most appropriate.
Front, back, inside.
 The whole label still utilises the orange stripes that can be seen on the current label but in an alternate way. I chose this particular font as I felt that it was modern yet traditional enough to express the traditionalism of Lea and Perrins. On the back label I wanted to make it incredibly obvious that this bottle and cap can be recycled. I decided upon the slogan 'The recipe to start a tradition' as this encourages the consumer to peel the label and use the recipe. Hopefully this will also encourage them to buy more bottles.

Other slogans I debated using were;

* The recipe to confidence
* Sharing the goods
* Worcestershire sauce recipes, its the closest thing to magic

But I felt that these were all too cheesey and not as effective.

On the inside I thought it would be important to title the recipe 'Recipe #1' so that the consumer is aware that each bottle may have a different one.

I tried to entice the consumer into recycling their bottle by flaunting the word 'discount' on the front. Hopefully they would see this and recycle their bottle at a participating supermarket. As mentioned in previous posts the buyer would need a stamp card in order to obtain discount.

Stamp card
I wanted the stamp card to look more modern than the label but I wanted it to be inkeeping with the design. Therefore, I chose the same font but created a much more contemporary back/stamp area. Each time the buyer recycles a bottle a stamp is given. Once two stamps are collected they get 40p of their next Worcestershire sauce bottle.Obviously more consideration to cost would have to be considered but doing this could encourage new buyers. It could also be done as a promotional offer.

The materials used in these designs are recycled paper and soy ink.
The Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce label will be produced by Berkshire Labels who specialise in biodegradable glue.They also do the exact label design (peelable booklet) that this design entails!

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