Saturday, 29 December 2012

Main Brief: Lea & Perrins Visit

Apparently people being allowed to tour the Lea & Perrins factory is a rare occurance. So it was a privilege to be allowed to do so. In fact the whole visit was rather surreal.

We had to wear these items (amongst bulky safety shoes)

and looked as cool as this...

The factory itself was completly different to how I had imagined. It was a lot smaller and a lot more traditional than I had envisaged and they had kept a lot of the original architecture.  I feel that this vintage approach comes across in their packaging. Initially I had no idea what to expect smell wise, this is partly due to the fact I have never (and still havent...) tried Worcestershire Sauce. The smells were incredibly strong and we were immediately greeted with the smells of garlic, vinegar and onions. It was apparent that all the people who worked there were passionate about their job and the roles they had to play in such a tight knit community. Each worker we met was incredibly helpful, informative and plesant.

The main thing that stuck with me from this visit was Lea & Perrins ambitions to become a company that has 0% waste sent to landfill. During this tour we were informed that only the juices from each ingredients is used, consequently the remaining pieces of ingredients are composted and turned into soil.


Current labels
 Overall, it was a very informative visit that gave me a clearer insight into the brief.

Considering we've both never tried the sauce, I think this sums up how we felt...

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