Monday, 12 November 2012

Main Brief: bottle research

I am incredibly indecisive with most things in life. It is a trait that becomes the biggest annoyance whilst studying Art&Design because it completley hinders the ability to start desigining anything. I'm finding it difficult to even do a mock up of a design, especially when I have NO idea where to start. I managed to find a video that helped me slightly...


One method of making an object sustainable is to make sure that it has another use after it's initial purpose.

Therefore I researched to find ways to re-use glass bottles...

 The bottom two images are ways in which I feel would be good to sell small multipacks. I like the idea of the label going over the top of the bottle and not just around.

All images from HERE and HERE

I then wondered what an empty bottle of Lea & Perrins looks like...

Looks quite aesthetically pleasing so maybe it could be re-used?

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